Rockbridge: Goshen Pass Race On The Maury River

BlueRidgeLife: Photos By BRLM Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : Whitewater Kayakers hit the Maury River this past Sunday – March 17, 2013 at the 6th Annual Goshen Pass Race in Rockbridge County just upstream from Rockbridge Baths, VA.

Near Rockbridge Baths
Rockbridge County, VA

A few days ago we told you about a group of kayakers who took to the north fork of the Tye River in Nelson after 28 inches of snow began a rapid melt filling area rivers. Perfect conditions! That was sort of a warmup for the 6th Annual Goshen Pass Race this past weekend in Rockbridge County. “We had a really good turn out. Just under 50 people showed up from all around the region. Places like Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville as well as people from other nearby counties. We had more women this time around too,” said Gordon Dalton of Nelson County who paddles semi-pro for a whitewater kayak company – Pyranha Kayaks.

A kayaker makes his way down the Maury River toward Rockbridge Baths this past Sunday – March 17, 2013

The group is loosely formed, but Gordon says the numbers are growing each and every year.

A kayaker shoots over a rock at the Goshen Pass Race this past Sunday – March 17, 2013 in Rockbridge County, VA

2013 Goshen Race Results:
March 17, 2013. River level was 690 cfs. 47 racers total.

1. Gordon Dalton (1st place, Overall)
2. Tate Huffman
3. Luke Hopkins
4. Andrew Epperly
5. Brandon Reynolds
6. Cameron Hall
7. Nick D’Addario
8. Josh Pecaric (1st “Youth” class) 18 yo
9. Trafford McCrae
10. Andrew McCarty
11. Steve Powers
12. Sam Jordan
13. Hank Williamson
14. Mason Basten
15. Thorpe Moeckel
16. David Bruce
17. Dustin Hinkle
18. Nick Mylo
19. John Moran
20. Matt Adams
21. Austin Moran
22. Lee Williams (1st place, OC-1)
23. Christopher Lawson
24. Josh Taylor
25. Bruce Walker (OC-1)
26. Phillip Merica (OC-1)
27. Will Moran
28. tie: Josh Mays
28. tie: David Lowe
29. Chris Hull
30. Colt Lien
31. Nathan Sims
32. Isaac Hull
33. Renee Lavin (1st place, Women’s class)
34. Emily Powell
35. Jessica Halasz
36. Carl Tyson
37. Bobby Efird
38. Phil Groseclose (R-1)
39. George Totty
40. Josh Brooks
41. Scott Freeman
42. Megan Magennis
43. Dave Kessman (OC-2 team)
43. Jacky Rosser (OC-2 team)
44. Cay Mierisch
DNF Matt McMillion

The 2013 award!
The 2013 Goshen Pass Race participants post for a group photo this past Sunday – March 17, 2013 in Rockbridge County, VA


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