Nelson: Remembering Frog – Friends Reflect & Say Good Bye To Lake Monocan Friend

Blue Ridge Life Magazine™2013 : Photos By Tommy Stafford – (Left to Right) Craig Duddleston, Lyna Watson, and Jimmy Arrington of Nellysford, VA look through old photos dating back to the 70’s at a remembrance for Richard (Frog) Moore. Sunday – February 23, 2013 at the Lake Monocan Clubhouse in Nellysford.

Nellysford / Lake Monocan
Nelson County, VA

Friends said their final good-bye this past Sunday afternoon at a remembrance get together to reflect on their relationship with Lake Monocan legend, Richard (Frog) Moore. We first told you about Frog’s passing in this post back on February 6, 2013. Frog lived in the small house on the north side of the lake for over 30 years. Most remember him as the friendly man on the porch that would wave as they walked the loop trail going right by his house. He was our cover story Frog Pond back in July 2011.

Henri Weems (background center) reflects on his relationship and memories of Richard (Frog) Moore at a remembrance this past Sunday afternoon – February 23, 2013 at the Lake Monocan Clubhouse, just steps from Frog’s old home place of over 30 years.

A group of roughly 30-40 people turned out to tell their stories and relationships about a man that became legendary for his “never meeting a stranger” personality. The group read poems, laughed, cried and poured thorough hundreds of photographs that Frog’s family recovered from his him on the lake. Many of the photos date back decades showing some of Nellysford’s history of that time. “I have such good memories of fishing, playing cards, and just visiting with him over the years,” said Sarah Leake Shelton during the Sunday ceremony. Those same sentiments were echoed time and time again as people around the room remembered Frog.

Sarah Shelton (right) looks through old photographs of herself and Frog at Sunday’s remembrance ceremony Sunday – February 23, 2013.

Frog is gone, but his memory will surely live on at the lake thousands visit each year. Dan Butterfield of Stoney Creek helped organize the Sunday get together. Dan says he’s working on a plan to have a permanent memorial placed at the lake in memory of Frog. We’ll keep you posted as details become available and how you can help.

We’ll miss you Frog. RIP our dear lake friend.


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