Nelson: Old Floors AT RVCC Get New Look!

All photos courtesy of Henri & Elaine Weems : After years and years of basketball games, concerts, dances and on and on, the old auditorium floors in the Rockfish Valley Community Center were refinished recently to bring out a new look! Click on any photo for a larger view.

Nelson County, VA

For over a year now renovations have been underway at the Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton. The former elementary school is now home to several businesses and a meeting place for monthly and annual events. The most recent renovations have been taking place with the old auditorium floor in the main part of the building.

A view of the finished floor from the stage looking back into the auditorium.

Refinishing the floors was no easy process. And time consuming.

Over a period of five days workers sanded then refinished the old floors dating back to 1938 inside the RVCC auditorium.
Crews place sealer on the refinished floors at RVCC.
The foyer entrance to the auditorium ready for the varnish coat.
The foyer after the final coat. Shiny!

The money to refinish the floors was raised during a Floor Us campaign beginning in the fall of 2012 and ending that December.


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