Online Events Calendar – It’s Back & Better Than Ever – Try It Now!

Blue Ridge Life™2013 – Our highly popular online events calendar is back! If you have an event going on anywhere in the area, be sure to submit it online here. We’ll pick as many as we can to put in the printed edition each month.

For a long time we had the highly popular online events calendar when we were Nelson County Life Magazine. It was very popular. So much so it essentially crashed from all of the entries! No more, we have the new, and improved, Blue Ridge Life Magazine online events calendar up and running!. It’s fancy smancy and works like a top! Whether you’re having a dance, live music, festival, or whatever, this is the place to list your event.

It’s simple to enter an event. Just place your cursor over the Events Calendar title just below the banner at the top of this page. Then go to submit an event and fill out the easy online form.
Once you’re there this easy to fill out form comes up asking for all of the info needed to make a good calendar entry. You can even add your own photo! (A lower res image is all that’s necessary, so you don’t have to upload a big one, or wait on it if you’re internet is slow)
There’s even a neat option when you enter the event and address you can check the box that allows you to display a Google Map so people know where and how to get to your event!
Once you have submitted your event, and we have approved it on this end, it immediately goes up on the calendar. If you hover over the event on the calendar, more information comes up. Click on it, and all of the details appear!

This is way cool and a great way to let people know about your event. So get started now!

This link will take you there now Click!


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