Nelson : BRL Online Poll Ends With 277 People Posting Votes On 151 Speed Limit Issue

Blue Ridge Life™2012 – With 277 people casting a vote in our unofficial BRL online pole, 53% of those responding said no to reducing the current speed to 45 MPH from Route 250 along 151 south to Route 664. Click Image to enlarge and see the results.

Rockfish Valley
Nelson County, VA

A few days ago we placed an unscientific poll up here at BRL to see what people generally though about a plan by some petitioners to reduce the speed limit to 45 MPH all along Route 151 through the Rockfish Valley from Route 250 south to Route 664. 664 is the road that runs to Wintergreen Resort.

Though unscientific the poll does yield some insight into how people might be leaning. – ABC13
Thursday afternoon WSET ABC-13 out of Lynchburg was in Nelson shooting a story about the proposal which is being spearheaded by Peter Agelasto who lives on Route 151 just north of the Route 664 intersection. Click above to view that story.

Specifically 53.43% of the respondents said no in our poll while 42.6% said yes to a reduction in the speed limit. 2.89% were undecided and 1.08% has other views.

3 respondents had other ideas about the speed reduction plan. Click on image above to view those comments.

Peter Agelasto says he hopes to have the petitions filled with signatures by the first of the year. He’ll then present them to the VA legislature for action.



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