Nelson: Petitioners Want Consistent 45 MPH Speed Limit – From Rockfish Gap Down 151 – 35 MPH In Nellysford

Blue Ridge Life™2012 – Portions of Route 151 From Greenfield through Nellysford were lowered to 45 MPH a few years ago. Some residents along and near the highway want the speed lowered to 45 MPH all the way from Rockfish Gap at Route 250 to Nellysford where it would then lower to 35 MPH.

Rockfish Valley
Nelson County, VA

A move is underway by some people living along and near Route 151 in the Rockfish Valley of Nelson County to make a consistent 45 MPH speed limit all along the highway with it dropping to 35 MPH in Nellysford before jumping back to 45 MPH all the way down to Route 664 (Beech Grove Road). Currently those areas along Route 151 that aren’t 45 MPH are marked as 55 MPH zones.

“Several of us in the Valley have been talking with Connie Brennan about the safety of RT 151 and the need to reduce the speed limit. Connie and Tommy Harvey have been trying to get the attention of VDOT and argue the case for reducing the speed limit to 45 from RT 250 to Beech Grove Road. They have now prepared a map showing the intersections defined as most risky by VDOT and have plans to take the case to the VDOT District representative and the Legislature. Connie has told us that petitions with signatures from as many citizens as possible would be an asset,” according to Peter Agelasto. He’s coordinating the effort by placing petitions for signature in public places such as the Nellysford Post Office. Agelasto lives along Route 151 just north of the Route 664 intersection that leads to Wintergreen Resort.

A snapshot of the petitions being distributed throughout the Rockfish Valley asking for speed limit reductions. Click on image to enlarge.

“We plan to pick them up after Jan 6, 2013 and give them to Connie and Tommy (Harvey). We want 1000 signatures or more, Agelasto added.

The speed limit was lowered on portions of Route 151 back in 2008. The reduction came after a mother and her two children were killed in August of 2007 at the intersection of Greenfield Road (Route 635) and Route 151. Two other people lost their lives that same year bring the count to a total of 5 people killed along the winding stretch of 151. Back then Project 151 brought attention to the dangers of roadway and eventually prompted action from supervisors and VDOT to make improvements to the intersection. Supervisors eventually voted to have VDOT lower the speed limit as well in critical areas.

The current move to lower the speed limit is not connected to the now inactive Project 151.



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