Nelson: Grinch Visits Rockfish Valley Community Center – Christmas Trees Stolen

Blue Ridge Life™2012 – Nelson County Life©2012 : Bandits stole numerous Christmas trees from the Rockfish Valley Community Center recently, creating a significant loss in their fundraising for the year.

Nelson County, VA

Not the kind of news you want to hear just before the holidays. Rockfish Valley Community Center just had over 1000 dollars worth of their Christmas Trees stolen. Below is the email blast they sent out.

If anyone has any information on this, please let them or the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office know.

Sad News…
We began our First Saturday full of good cheer and the excitement of the Holiday Market, a great pancake breakfast, and the first day of our Christmas Tree Sales–only to discover that 30 of the Christmas Trees had been stolen.

The trees were taken from the tree lot between Thursday afternoon, November 29 and Saturday morning, December 1. We are working with the sheriff’s department in hopes of tracking down the Christmas Tree Thief.

We think it’s likely that whoever stole those trees will be trying to sell them, so we’re asking our community to adopt a “neighborhood watch.” If you have any information that might help us get those trees back, or if you happen to see anyone selling the trees by the side of the road, please let the sheriff know about it. The stolen trees were all 5-6′ Fraser firs, and were spiral-bound with blue twine.

The Christmas Tree Sale provides a significant portion of our fundraising income at this time of year, and those missing trees represent a loss of over $1200.

Thank you for your help, and we hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!


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