Nelson Co, VA Inspired Waltons – Celebrates 40th Anniversary In LA – Video

©™2012 Nelson County Life : Photos By Woody Greenberg : Ralph Waite (L) who played John (Pa) Walton stands next to Earl Hamner, Jr. (Nelson County, VA native from Schuyler) who founded and wrote the CBS television series The Waltons. Waite played Hamner's father in the television series based on his childhood experiences in Nelson County, VA.

Los Angeles, CA
This final weekend of September 2012 marks a very important generational milestone for millions around the globe. It’s the 40th anniversary of The Waltons. A long running CBS television series based on the childhood life of Earl Hamner, Jr who was born and raised in Schuyler in East Nelson County. Nelson resident, friend of Earl Hamner, and frequent NCL contributor, Woody Greenberg, is in Los Angeles where the reunion of the cast and fans is taking place.

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20 members of the original cast and crew of The Waltons reunited this past Friday evening in Los Angeles to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Waltons. Earl Hamner is 4th from the right in the rear.

We’ll have much more on this wonderful reunion in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Happy 40th to The Waltons!


  1. […] Schuyler Nelson County, VA For years and years we’ve been telling you about our friend and native Nelson native, Earl Hamner, Jr of Schuyler. Earl was the creator of The Waltons, a long running, highly successful, television series based on his childhood experiences here in Nelson. It’s rare you get to see the entire cast back together these days. Back in late 2012 many of them reunited for their 40th anniversary of the show. Our Woody Greenberg was there in Los Angeles for the emotional get tog… […]


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