Watching Tropics Over The Next Several Days

Isaac is the nearest storm in cue that may affect portions of the US in the next few days. Another Atlantic storm lurks as well.

Until now the start of hurricane season back on June 1st has been quiet. With soon to be hurricane Isaac, that’s about to change. Exactly where he will come ashore in the US is still unknown, though better projections will probably be in place by Saturday of the coming weekend. As of Thursday evening Isaac was still a tropical storm, but after clearing Cuba in the near future, it will probably rise to hurricane strength.

Current position and 5 day projection for Isaac. Some meteorologists believe a likely turn up the eastern seaboard is not out of the question.
In addition to Isaac, TS Joyce is meandering out in the Atlantic. Though it's believed she will hook right out to sea before hitting the US.

As with any tropical system, many changes will take place before a better track estimated landfall are known.

Best bet now is to simply keep up to date with what’s happening out there and see what it looks like by late in the weekend.


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