Faber: Nelson Sheriff Stops Project-X Party With 2000 Possible Teens & Adults Before It Gets Started

Screenshot Image via Nelson Co Sheriff's Dept: Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks says his agency stopped a Project-X party in the making near Faber on Friday night August 3, 2012.

Near Faber
Nelson County, VA

Saturday morning August 4th, NCL received the following news information from Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks. The release has been posted verbatim below:

A planned Project X party in the Faber area was stopped before it started last night, August 3, 2012. Over 2000 teens and young adults responded on Facebook that they were planning on attending. Arrests have been made across the United States as young people have tried to emulate “Project X,” a new film about a high school house party that rages out of control.

The event sponsor (Carlos Kirk-CGK3 Records based in Indianapolis, IN) and event planners (some being local Nelson residents) did not obtain the proper documents to hold the event and according to the landowner were deceitful about why the property was rented. Even though they advertised the planned event on Facebook, you needed to provide a cell phone number to get the exact location of the party. One person planning to attend posted on Facebook that the address was being guarded, “so the Pigs don’t find out the location and try to shut it down before it gets started”.

Summonses were issued on some of the party planners for underage possession of alcohol and possession of narcotics.

We were pleased to be able to intervene before this party got started as we feel this could have quickly gotten out of control as it has in other locations.

Sheriff W. David Brooks



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