Fiat FreakOut 2012 This Weekend At Wintergreen Resort

©™2012 Nelson County Life : Photo By NCL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : Fiat FreakOut 2012 runs until August 5th at Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, VA

If you’ve noticed a bunch of Fiats on the roads of Nelson lately, there’s good reason! Fiat FreakOut 2012 is going on this weekend at Wintergreen Resort. All types have been making their way down 151 up to the resort.

According to the FreakOut website:

The Fiat FreakOut (FFO) brings together the largest collection of Fiat and Lancia automobiles in North America to swap stories, show off cars old and new while sharing our passion for these wonderful machines. FFO is four days of events that feature a track day, concours car show, coordinated scenic drives including the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, visits to historic sites and lots of socializing. The FFO is not just about show cars…it’s a great opportunity to talk to manufacturer representatives, knowledgeable vendor sponsors and other enthusiasts about your vehicle.

Paul will have more neat pics of the event later in the weekend!


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