NCL Weather Alerts Help Save Family, Cars & Their Dog In Piney River

Photo Courtesy of David Parr : Henry (a coon dog) in Piney River is alive today in part thanks to NCL's weather alerts.

Piney River
Nelson County, VA

It won’t be anytime soon that people living in Nelson forget about the destructive storm of June 29th. Especially David Parr of Piney River. “Your alert Friday evening may have saved a life or two. I’d laid down on the pillow with my remote in my hand. When I got up for a trip to the fridge, I checked my phone. I saw your (NCL Weather Alert) alert and decided to move my truck into the garage to prevent hail damage and move my daughters Jeep under some tree limbs for protection,” David told us in an email.

One of the buildings destroyed by a fallen tree on the property of David Parr in Piney River.

David had signed up for NCL Weather Alerts some time ago. About 200 other people have done the same over the years. It sends out an email alert for serious weather affecting Nelson, or pertinent breaking news.

By hovering over News & Weather Alerts from the top of the page, scroll down to get News & Weather Alerts. Or simply click on the photo above.
David Parr moved his daughter's Jeep after seeing our email weather alert. Two large oak trees fell in the very location where David had moved the Jeep and his truck from moments earlier.

“While outside I heard what sounded like a train in the distance.  Within seconds the wind was going crazy and I felt like one of the farm hands in The Wizard of Oz. Our outside dog quickly became an inside dog and we all ran to the basement. When we emerged, two large oak trees were on our house, one was on my shed and two more were right where the truck and Jeep had been parked. Luckiest of all was Henry, the coon dog; his dog house is covered and surrounded by a large oak tree.  He would be dead for sure had we not moved him to the basement. From all of us (including Henry, my new truck, and my daughters Jeep), we all say “THANK YOU” for your e-mail updates!!” David continued.

You bet David, glad it helped you out!

Even better for people with mobile devices, follow us on our Twitter feed. That is the absolute quickest way to get urgent weather and breaking news alerts! As always any weather alerts for Nelson are displayed on this site to your right by scrolling down to NELSON WEATHER ALERTS.

Read more about David’s story in our August issue coming out in a few weeks.


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