CVEC & Backup Crews Working To Clear Last Remaining Outages

Photos Courtesy of Heidi Crandall : Linemen from CVEC and from Canoochee GA EMC work to clear tree from lines in the Roseland area on the 4th of July.

Nelson County, VA

“62 individual outages remain after the morning total shot up for a few hours. There is also one group outage affecting 30 members. Crews are working to resolve these today.” That’s what CVEC’s Facebook status page said remains as of roughly 4PM Thursday afternoon. Last Friday night that number was in the thousands and thousands after a powerful complex of a derecho type thunderstorms moved across the area.

“We are one of the 60 remaining in Nelson without power,” said Heidi Crandall of Roseland on her Facebook page. Though she says partial power was restored to some of the property and crews have been working tirelessly to get everyone back online. “We want to extend our thanks to CVEC and Canoochee Electric for their long hours working to restore power,” Heidi continued.

Allen Harrelson of Canoochee, GA EMC is one of many crews in from out of the state to assist CVEC in their efforts to restore power. Here he prepares a bucket truck to do work on lines in Roseland.
Jason Prechel with CVEC discusses options on attacking lines down in Roseland with fellow crews just out of frame to the left.

For more updates on outages, keep check here at NCL or on CVEC’s Facebook page by clicking here.

The above story does not take into consideration those on AEP here in Nelson County.


  1. Its fine to chronical CVEC’s efforts but don’t forget that Nelson suffers from being the butt end of APCO’s service area. Folks living in Covesville, Hurds, Taylor Creek Road and Shannon are ALWAYS the last in line to get their power back. We won’t see service until Monday at the earliest. Nelson County Life and Tommy Stafford should write about those of us who have the WORST electrical service. Dominion Power owns the lines and APCO won’t maintain them. Take a ride down Taylor Creek and see for yourself! We have 4 times longer power outages than CVEC. I’m tired of being treated as third world customer!

    Charlie Hickox

  2. Hi Charlie,
    You are right. We have concentrated more on CVEC since they actually
    Send out daily updates to us. We haven’t had a single update, officially, from
    AEP. Though we have been updating the progress of customer’s plight on our
    Facebook and twitter feeds. Just yesterday partial power was restored to Schuyler.
    But as you say, AEP is a far different story from CVEC. Greg Kelly at CVEC has
    been constantly updating us. Jaime Miller, the county’s EMA director, has also been
    giving us regular briefings. And passing along AEP reports, when she can get them.

    We do feel for the customers on AEP and must say, as you said, they
    really don’t compare with CVEC’s response.

  3. Tommy:

    Thanks for your response and on-the-scene coverage. Greg Kelly and Gary Wood at CVEC are good people, responsive to the public and are part of the reason CVEC customers get superior service.

    I wish AEP would pay attention and learn from their adjoining utility.

    We don’t expect miracles, just a comparable level of service.

    Charlie Hickox

  4. Around here, CVEC is the gold standard in providing reliable electrical service. Maybe folks along Taylor Creek, and others suffering from AEP’s horrendous service (of which there must be many hundreds), should petition AEP to sell their territory to CVEC. If enough people get inolved, it should inspire AEP execs to either get on the ball and provide decent service, or give it up entirely. Just a suggestion…..Me? I’ve got CVEC so no worries here.
    Thanks to CVEC for such good service.
    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County

  5. Wish the management at AEP would consider the best interest of ALL it’s customers and sell their rural terrority to a rural electric cooperative! Imagine that..rural customers being serviced by a rural electric cooperative. I wonder which company would have the RURAL customers best interest in mind!! It can be done…start petitions!!!

  6. Homer, I’m a AEP customer who is a CVEC-member-wannabe! I hope we here in Nelson County can be annoying enough that the AEP execs will just want to unload us! CVEC is willing to buy the territory. Offer it a reasonable price, AEP, and you won’t have to worry about us country bumpkins anymore! You can focus on your urban and suburban customers, as you should.

  7. Excuse me but AEP had 80,000 outages and CVEC only had 15,000! AEP did there job well and worked very hard in 100 degree weather all day for two weeks! They have worked so hard to get everyones power back on and it aggrivates me to see people so rude and ungrateful! You try going out and working in the heat for two weeks because you have no idea how it is to be a lineman for AEP so dont talk unless you know what your talking about! Quit being ungrateful to people trying to help you!


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