CVEC Outage Update – July 2, 5 PM


Outage Update – July 2, 5 PM
by Central Virginia Electric Cooperative on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 4:56pm ·
As of 5 PM, CVEC has about 4200 members without service. That number will come down as crews work throughout the evening.

Good News: The Whitehall substation has been re-energized and crews will continue working to activate tap lines that are in good condition. 1344 members are served by that substation.

Not Good News: No word yet from AEP on delivering energy to the Schuyler substation. 722 members are affected by that in portions of Nelson, Buckingham, and Appomattox Counties.

CVEC has additional linemen arriving today with more that 50 visiting linemen helping our existing crews. There are a lot of people working to restore service. There are multiple crews in each substations and each crew is working a line segment that has a problem. We don’t know when service will be restored to that line segment until the crew foreman calls the the job in from the remote site and we clear that ticket.

While we cannot tell individual members when their power will be restored, we would estimate that less than 500-1000 people will be without service by the end of the work day tomorrow (depending on whether the Schuyler substation receives power.) Today’s number could drop as well> It all depends on how well things go in the field. All but the very worst pockets should have service by July 4. One example is a street that has 10-12 home and 6 broken poles that need to be replaced.

Twenty five substation areas have less than 100 members without power. Of those, fifteen substation areas have 10 or less members without power.

Five substation areas have more than 100 members without power:
Whitehall – 1171
Piney River – 1141
Schuyler – 722 (no progress due to transmission line failure)
Martins Store – 540
Midway – 396
A thank you to the CVEC crews working to restore power and thank you to the members that have been patient and appreciative during a very difficult and stressful outage.

Visit to view the CVEC outage map.


  1. 5:15pm
    Still no power in Horizons Village.
    I think we are on Martins Station
    Just keeping you updated. Thanks for your

  2. Tuesday 7:30am. Still no power. We all have
    Underground cables. Cannot figure out why
    Everyone around us has power.
    Came on for 10 minutes Sunday then went off. Nothing
    Since. Quite the quandary.

  3. Thank you to CVEC and Nelson County Life for keeping us informed here on Wheelers Cove Rd.

  4. None of Horizons village has power
    Everyone around us does. We think it’s a transformer
    Here in Horizons. Cannot get anyone on the phone.
    Day 5 1/2. July 4. 8am


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