Roseland: Max of Mac’s Needs A Home.

©™Nelson County Life: Elizabeth Campbell, of Mac's County Store in Roseland, tries to lure Max, a stray dog they have been taking care of for about 3 months, up for some food.

Nelson County, Virginia

By Jennie T. Willams

About three months ago, Elizabeth Campbell of Mac’s Country Store came across what appeared to be a hunting dog.

“He just showed up here – he was probably 30 pounds lighter,” said Elizabeth. “And he was real skittish at first, it’s taken us the first month for him to let us love on him, and now he’s fine with that.”

Elizabeth has a shelter set up for Max and feeds him a well-balanced meal every day (and suspects her customers are sneaking him snacks, too), but she’s worried that the pup, who lives outdoors, is going to get hurt.

Max has been hanging out out Mac's County Store for about the past 3 months. Every attempt to catch him so far has failed.

“He was definitely abused,” she said, adding that he’s smart – he’s avoided Animal Control’s traps. A small collection has been taken to pay for a doctor’s visit for Max, but Elizabeth just can’t get there. “I can’t get him into the car and I can’t get a leash on him. So I was hoping maybe somebody who works with a bused animals could help me get him to the vet and then to find a home for him.”

Elizabeth says Max is a wonderful dog, but due to liability reasons they just can keep him around the store any more.

If anyone knows of a way to help Max, please call Elizabeth at Mac’s Country Store at 277-5305.


  1. next time i’m over that way to see family i’ll have to stop by and see that little guy the girls feel in love with his picture…… 🙂


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