Phase 1 of Of RVCC Auditorium Renovation Near Completion

©™Nelson County Life : Photos Courtesy of Henri & Elaine Weems : After months & months of work, the renovation of the old RVCC gym / auditorium is nearly complete.

Nelson County, VA

For months we have been telling you about the ongoing renovation project at the Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton. An old drop in ceiling that covered the beautiful gymnasium windows was removed and the entire space was painted.

The once covered windows in the top of the auditorium are now opened up allowing plenty of daylight to shine in!

Henri Weems who sent us these pics, tells us, “The new angled ceiling is in place with 12″ insulation bringing the acoustics back to normal. New lights and fans are in place, inspected, and working. Walls have all been painted as well as woodworks. Widows have been fixed and painted with one final coat due on the outside.”

The space today in RVCC is a stark contrast to the former auditorium.

Way to go RVCC, nice update!


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