Former RVCC Interim Manager Jailed – Charged In Crimes While Center Manager

Photo Via NCSD: Aaron Messer who recently served as the Rockfish Valley Community Center's Interim Manager has been jailed without bond on several felony charges for alleged crimes while on duty in that position.

Afton / Lovingston
Nelson County, Virginia

Nelson County’s Commonwealth Attorney Anthony Martin and Nelson Sheriff David Brooks both confirm to NCL that 25 year old Aaron Messer, the one time Rockfish Valley Community Center manager earlier this year, has been jailed on numerous felony charges. It surrounds an investigation into what they say are occurrences happening while he was center manager. “I can’t give out specific details. The charges stemmed from 3 unauthorized checks cashed by Messer totaling approximately $2,500.00. He is currently being held without bond on 3 felony forgery charges; 3 felony uttering charges; and 1 charge of embezzlement relating to the total of the 3 checks,” said Nelson County CA Anthony Martin.

In a Friday conversation with Nelson Sheriff Brooks, he confirmed that his agency was part of an investigation into possible illegal activities by Messer while he was the interim center manager at RVCC. “We conducted an investigation into the activities there and Mr. Messer was eventually charged and jailed. A request for bond was denied at a recent court hearing,” Sheriff Brooks said.

According to the RVCC website, Messer was one of the initial people to help found the center in the late 90’s – Messer was appointed center manager earlier this year by the RVCC board of directors after long standing manager Bo Holland left that position for other employment.

CA Martin says Messer’s preliminary hearing will be in General District Court on August 22nd at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Oh my, more irresponsibility in the Rockfish Valley. Who hired this inexperienced waif? Was he recommended by someone? Who? Let’s see some history. With this indication of lack of oversight, it sure bruises the chances of me donating without some answers being revealed. Very sad for our community.

    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County

  2. “According to the RVCC website, Messer was one of the initial people to help found the center in the late 90′s”.
    How is this possible if he is currently 25 years old? Appears to me that his name is listed along with many others, as past and current leadership.

  3. Arron was a devoted and and yes, trusted founder of RVCC while he was in high school, at ages 15 – 17. He worked long hours helping at events, writing a grant to equipment the computer lab, working with the thrift shop, coming to cleanup days, etc. There was NEVER any indication that he was dishonest or untrustworthy. After high school he went to work in Richmond for a real estate company and then a computer salvage company. Based on the memory of those old RVCC days and his passion for helping RVCC, it is not at all a stretch for current RVCC board members to hire him.

    This entire situation is extremely sad for all involved, but before passing so much judgment, perhaps we should remember that in the U.S. those accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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