Hike Wintergreen!

™©2012 Nelson County Life : Photos By NCL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : Folks took to the trails this past Saturday June 2, 2012 as part of Wintergreen Resort and Wintergreen Nature Foundation's Hike Wintergreen. It was in association with the National Trail Day Celebration.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, VA

People from across the area joined in this past Saturday to Hike Wintergreen. It was a collaboration between Wintergreen Resort & The Wintergreen Nature Foundation. It consisted of five diverse trails with varying levels of difficulty providing adventures for the novice hiker to the advanced trailblazer.

Anthropologist Cathy Knowles, a volunteer on the hike, explains how primitive stone tools are easily found on the trail paths.
Sue Carlson, Maurice Wood, and a friend get ready to take off on Hike Wintergreen this past Saturday June 2, 2012

Five different unique trails were part of Hike Wintergreen:

-1 mile Appalachian Amble – An interpretive hike for adventurers of all ages
-2.5 mile Cliffs Challenge – A hike for those able adventurers
-6.5 Mile Wintergreen Highland – For intermediate adventurers
-14 mile Devils Wlakabout – Advanced adventurere only
-14 mile Perimeter Purgatory – Difficult/advanced trail running experience


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