Basic Necessities Benefit Helps Out Wildlife Center Of Virginia

©™2012 Nelson County Life : Photos By Tommy Stafford : Bill Sykes of the Virginia Wildlife Center (right) talks with Riaan Rossouw, head winemaker at Lovingston Winery about one of the birds the center is helping rehabilitate..

Nelson County, Virginia

After a stormy Friday, this past Saturday could have been more perfect for Birds Over The Bistro, an event held by Basic Necessities to benefit the Wildlife Center of Virginia. The center located in Waynesboro, was formed in 1982 to provide quality health care, often on an emergency basis, to native wildlife.

Alex Regester (right) a wine rep with Republic National Distributing Company in Charlottesville discusses one of the wines she had for tasting at the Saturday event. Alex was one of three reps on hand for Birds Over The Bistro.

In addition to wine tastings, Basic put on a spread of tasty cheeses, crackers, and fruit as part of the event that raised money for The Wildlife Center of Virginia.

People attending Saturday's event at Basic Necessities listen as Bill Sykes with the Wildlife Center of Virginia talks about their rescue operations for native wildlife.
Riaan Rossouw (left) head winemaker at Lovingston Winery talks with Jim Coburn, owner of Fallen Oak B & B in Faber, about two of the white wines he presented for tasting on Saturday.
Sarah Shelton, manager of Basic Necessities, (left) snaps a camera phone picture of one of the birds at Birds Over The Bistro this past Saturday - June 2, 2012.
One of the owls being shown this past Saturday at Birds Over The Bistro.
Alex Regester (left) pours a sample of red wine for Basic Necessities' Founder Kay Pfaltz, a noted wine expert and NCL's wine columnist for the past 7 and a half years!
Folks mingle Saturday afternoon in the backyard of Basic Necessities at Birds Over The Bistro.

Basic Necessities along with the wine reps on hand donated a generous portion of wine sales to the center on addition to the admission fee.


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