Nelson Commonwealth Attorney Comments On Latest High School Bomb Threat

File Photo From Previous School Evacuations : Another bomb threat at Nelson County High School prompted evacuations of both the high and middle schools Wednesday - May 30th 2012.

Nelson County, Virginia

For the second time this year lawmen and school officials are dealing with a bomb threat at a Nelson School. This time it was at Nelson County High School on Wednesday May 30th. For 2-3 hours students in both NCHS and the middle school were evacuated while bomb sniffing dogs checked out the school. The last bomb threat received at that location was on March 12th 2012.

Photo Via NCSD: The Nelson Sheriff's Department charged 19 year old Cody Hughes of Faber in connection with the March 12th 2012 bomb threat at Nelson County High.

“The (Hughes) case is still pending. The next court date is the preliminary hearing because it’s a felony,” Said Nelson’s Commonwealth Attorney Anthony Martin. According to Nelson Sheriff David Brooks, Hughes next court appearance will be on July 7th 2012.

After Wednesday’s most recent evacuation, CA Martin issued a stern warning for those considering making bomb threats.

“Today there was another bomb threat at the high school. I want to remind folks that it is a FELONY to make or communicate any threat to bomb, burn, destroy or damage a building. For adults, it is a Class 5 felony that carries up to 10 years in prison. Juvenile felonies in Virginia can go on a person’s record and could cause negative consequences for the rest of a person’s life. People need to think twice before doing things like this. This is not a misdemeanor or “fine-only” offense. I hope everyone is safe and that it gets resolved quickly.”

Nelson lawmen are now investigating this most recent bomb threat with hopes of making an arrest in that case as well.


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