She’s Back! Nelly May Returned To Farmers Market

Thanks To Marion Kanour Of Afton For The Photo: Nelly May was returned to the Nelson Farmers Market Coop in Nellysford this weekend.

Nelson County, VA

We’re not sure of the circumstances, but Nelly May is back home. Don’t know if it was a case of the Bear Brigade felling sorry or it was simply the vandals had had enough fun, but Nelly May was back at the market this Saturday morning over Memorial Day weekend.

You can read up on the history of the saga here.

Welcome home Nelly May!


  1. It doesn’t matter the reason! She is back HOME. And that is all that matters. Thanks for her safe return!

  2. Jeff Kirkham in Tulsa, OK has been following the story of Nelly May and is glad to hear of her safe return.

  3. There is only one way to be sure it is Nelly May. Check her breath, there should be a slight hint of fuel oil.
    Welcome home!


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