BREAKING! – Wintergreen Resort To Sell! – Bought By Owners Of Greenbrier Resort

File Photo Via Wintergreen Resort: A late Friday announcement confirmed by NCL verifies that Wintergreen Resort will be sold to the owners of Greenbrier Resort.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

A late Friday afternoon announcement as most people are heading out of town for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, confirms that Wintergreen Resort has been sold. NCL began hearing rumors of the sale during the mid afternoon hours Friday and has sourced information that Wintergreen Resort wil be acquired by the James C. Justice, II family, owners of Greenbrier Resort.

The sale will close by the end of June 2012.

In an announcement released to current Wintergreen Equity Members around 4PM Friday, James Justice said the following:

“We are excited about this acquisition for two reasons, one being the obvious tie in with our other properties, The Greenbrier Resort® and The Resort at Glade Springs®, the other being what this means for the property owners and members of Wintergreen along with the general public. We intend to take this property to the next level and see tremendous opportunities as we work with the Wintergreen management and staff in developing new membership programs and vacation packages. The Wintergreen facilities are spectacular and the entire Resort has a tremendous impact on the local and regional tourism industry.”

Below the official release from the resort:

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Here is the release in its entirety:



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