Our Wintergreen Nature Foundation Weather Station At 3500′ Feet Back Online!


Our Wintergreen Nature Foundation Weather station (live above) is back online as of Friday afternoon. Click on the widget shown above to see more detail.

Wintergreen / Devils Knob
Nelson County, Virginia

After several months of being offline due to some computer problems at The Wintergreen Nature Foundation, our weather station there is back online. That particular station first went online back in February of 2007.

We do expect some glitches over the next few days as we get it back online 100%, so if it disappears a bit every now and then, not to worry, it will be back permanently over the next week or so.

It’s a very near way to compare the weather and temps between the valley and the mountain!

And you can always see it and our other featured weather stations simply by scrolling down to the bottom of any page here on our site.

Give it a try!


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