Blue Mountain Moving Forward On Commercial Production Brewery In Colleen

©2012 : Photos By Yvette Stafford : New tanks arrived at what will soon be Nelson's first commercial beer production brewery located in Colleen.

Nelson County, VA

We first told you about Blue Mountain Brewery’s major expansion here in Nelson back in October 2011. That’s when they broke ground on their Blue Mountain Barrel House production facility in Colleen. This past week more gear arrived including some of the tanks used in making beer.

The exterior of the BMB production brewery located in Colleen near Central Virginia Electric.

Blue Mountain Barrel House and Organic Brewery is a 10,000 square foot production-only facility for the 10 lines of Blue Mountain beer that will be kegged or bottled in 750ml corked bottles and undergo 100% natural refermentation. These beers will be USDA certified organic and will tend toward the more “specialty” end of Blue Mountain’s beer production spectrum. Beers brewed will include the popular Dark Hollow Bourbon-Barrel Aged Stout and Mandolin, but will also introduce new styles such as an imperial pilsner and a barrel-aged Belgian-inspired ale.

BMB head brewmaster and owner, Taylor Smack, points out some of the final work taking place on the exterior of the building.

A future additional second phase of the project will eventually include will be a large production brewery of 40-60,000 square feet will focus on the production of the current bottled beer lines, including Full Nelson and Classic Lager. This brewery will help service the large amount of unfulfilled orders from the current beer wholesaler, as well as begin expansion to out-of-state markets. The eventual capacity for this brewery will be 50,000 barrels annually.

Taylor Smack inspects one of the many tanks that arrived last week at the Colleen brewery site here in South Nelson County, VA

Barring any problems Taylor says the BMB Colleen location will be in production this spring.

Can’t wait!


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