Standing Room Only At The Big, Big Bennie-Fit!

©2012 : Photos By Hayley Osborne : Bennie Dodd left is joined by fellow Nelson native Jimmy Fortune this past Saturday night on stage during the Big, Big Bennie-Fit at Fry's Spring Beach Club in Charlottesville.

Albemarle County, Virginia

We first told you about Bennie Dodd and his tough situation in our January 2012 cover story, the big, big, bennie-fit on page 9.

Our January 2012 cover story on Bennie Dodd. Click on the magazine image above to read the entire story.

After a serious medical condition hit Bennie requiring surgery, money became tight. Really tight. All of the friends Bennie helped out over the years decided it was time to help their friend out this time.

The crowd packed in this past Saturday night in Charlottesville to help out their friend in need, Bennie Dodd.
Jimmy Fortune originally of Nelson County, returning the favor by helping out his friend Bennie at Saturday night's performance in Charlottesville.
The man of the hour this past Saturday night in Charlottesville, Bennie Dodd.
A guitar signed by The Statler Brothers was a special item in the silent auction. Jimmy Fortune was a member of the Statler Brothers until they retired and he began his solo career. Todd & Kim Rath of Nelson County won the bid in the silent auction and it will find its permanent home at The Blue Toad in Afton on Route 151!
Jimmy Fortune dances with one of his many fans this past Saturday night at the Big, Big Bennie-Fit in Charlottesville.
People enter the Big, Big Bennie-Fit this past Saturday night at Fry's Spring Beach Club in Charlottesville.

Thanks to everyone for turning out to help Bennie!


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