Nelson Sheriff Files Charges In Ball Mountain Road Murder : Updated 4:08 PM EST On 12.15.11

Photo via CBS-19 : Officers at the scene of the murder where Amy Holden was killed.
Photo via CBS-19 : Officers at the scene of the murder where Amy Holden was killed.

Near Elma
Nelson County, Virginia

Updated for bond information 12.15.11 @ 4:08 PM EST

12.15.11 – 4:08 PM EST
Nelson Sheriff Brooks said after Quiors appeared for an advisement hearing, he is being held without bond with the next court appearance scheduled for February 22, 2012

On 12.15.11 CBS-19 Reporter Chris Stover looked over the search warrant involved in this case. Here are some brief highlights of things revealed in that warrant:

– Quiors made 911 call saying he thought he had just killed someone

– authorities found female body in living room

– Quiros had what appeared to be blood on his body and clothes

– after further investigation Quiors admitted that he killed Amy Holden

– lead investigator at medical examiner’s office in richmond today to get cause of death

– no gun involved

Additionally on Thursday afternoon, Nelson Sheriff David Brooks told NCL that blunt force trauma was visible at the scene of the crime on the victim. “We won’t know the exact cause of death, however, until the medical examiner in Richmond finishes the autopsy which could be a week or so,” Sheriff Brooks added.

Mugshot via NCSD : 39 Year Old Francis Quiros has been charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Amy Holden. Nelson Sheriff Brooks says Quiros is the brother in law of the victim's sister.

NCL has learned that 39 year old Francis Quiros (pictured above) also of 617 Ball Mountain Road has been charged with 1st Degree Murder in the case.

©2011 WCAV-TV CBS-19 & : Photo By CBS-19 Reporter Chris Stover : The home of Amy Holden on Ball Mountain Rd where investigators have been working the murder scene Wednesday morning.

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Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks confirms to NCL that his department is investigating an early morning murder of 42 year old Amy Holden at the address of 617 Ball Mountain Road in Eastern Nelson county near the small community of Elma, or north of Shipmen, “We took a suspect in custody at the scene,” said Sheriff Brooks. He went on to say there is no danger to the public.

This is the same mother of 8 year old Jackie Holden that was found dead back in 2000 after going missing for several days, as reported in this Daily Progress archive at UVA. A massive manhunt later located the little girl’s body. Then, Sheriff Gary Brantley, said no foul play was suspected. Additional archive here from NBC-12

View General area Of Ball Mountain Murder Scene in a larger map

Photo By CBS-19 Reporter Chris Stover : This mailbox marks the home of 42 year old Amy Holden at 617 Ball Mountain Road.

Few details are being released as of Wednesday evening, but authorities tell NCL they expect formal charge to filed Wednesday night. Investigators have been at UVA Medical Center most of the morning with the murder victim. Additional investigators cordoned off the area and searched for evidence. Sheriff Brooks also said the Virginia State Police is assisting in the investigation with agents on the scene.

Our News Partner CBS-19 is working the story their coverage is here.


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