A Cozy Pre Christmas Evening

©2011 www.nelsoncountylife.com : Photos By Tommy Stafford : Smoke rises from the chimney here at NCL Sunday evening as the moon just starts to rise over the Rockfish Valley.

Nelson County, Virginia

Every once in awhile you get lucky when taking a picture. We did just that Sunday night as the moon was just starting to come up over NCL here in the Rockfish Valley. I was actually heading out to grab some more firewood and noticed the spectacular moon rising over the roof with the smoke coming from the chimney. With a little work on a tripod and a timed exposure the picture turned out pretty good.

Another shot, just as the moon was making it over the roofline.

Does make for a beautiful evening here in Nelson!


  1. i,m trying to find the old richard richardson place in greenfield,virginia that was sold to edward d.page in 1838

    thankyou very much

    gggggranddaughter of edward d.page


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