Rural Nelson Announces Major Change Starting In January 2012

©2011 : A message on the Rural Nelson website lets readers know that Field Officer Kim Cash will no longer be covering county meetings as of January 2012.

Nelson County, Virginia
For over a decade Kim Cash with Rural Nelson has been letting citizens inside and out of Nelson County know about the happenings in Board of Supervisor and Planning Comission meetings. NCL redistributes the minutes from those meetings down below in our community section. The recent message (posted verbatim below) from Rural Nelson says Kim will no longer be covering the meetings as of January 2012 due to financial considerations. ”

We have decided we are not in a financial position to replace Kim and consequently we will have to suspend the reports.”

Here is the entire letter:

Dear friends of Rural Nelson,

For over eleven years, Rural Nelson has been your eyes and ears on county government. Our Field Officer, Kim Cash has decided to move on as of January 1, 2012. For many years, she has been the eyes and ears of Rural Nelson’s mission and has provided reports on most county meetings. As a constant witness to county business, in many ways she has become the institutional memory of the county.

We are sorry to see her go.

Since November, the Rural Nelson board has been meeting to decide what our next step as an organization will be. We have decided we are not in a financial position to replace Kim and consequently we will have to suspend the reports.

We will continue as an organization. Over 2012, we will reassess what we are able to do as an all-volunteer organization.

These are hard economic times, but the challenges to Nelson remain the same. Since Kim will no longer be attending county meetings, we will need to rely on each other and our county officials to keep us informed. To re-iterate, Kim will no longer be available for questions as of January 1. You will be relying on volunteers, who work on their own schedules, not 24/7 like Kim.

We thank you for your past support. If you have time, energy and the will to work with those who would like to preserve the best of Nelson while moving confidently into the future, we’d be happy to hear from you. Meanwhile, stay tuned for further developments.

Mike Tapager
Rural Nelson

Good luck Kim! We will miss you and along with you eyes and hears in these very important meetings!


  1. A big loss and a sad day for Nelson County. Over the years Kim has served the readers of Rural Nelson above and beyond the call of duty by attending so many meetings and taking so many detailed notes. Without her “eyes and ears”, we may be at a loss as to what is going on in the county meetings. Now with the installation of broadband internet cable, it means more and more county residents will have the ability to read these meeting reports online. We can only hope that the reports will continue into the future. Thanks so much Kim, for keeping us informed.


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