WOW! What A Response : Nelson Co Pantry Makes Thanksgiving – Working On Christmas

©2011 : Photos By Tommy Stafford : People packed the parking lot Saturday morning (11.19.11) at the Nelson County Pantry to receive a Thanksgiving meal. One that almost didn't happen.

Nelson County, Virginia

Friday we told you about a real tragedy with terrible timing at The Nelson County Pantry. All of their Thanksgivings turkeys spoiled due to a freezer failure, just before the very weekend where they would be handing them out. The crew and volunteers avoided that potential holiday crisis by taking early delivery on their Christmas turkeys and handing those out right from the back of a truck Saturday morning.

Volunteers hand out turkeys Saturday morning for needy and underprivileged people from the Nelson area. These turkeys were slated for Christmas delivery rather than Thanksgiving.

“We are floored at the response, unbelievable,” said Marion Dixon with NCP. She was fielding phone call Saturday morning when were there. After posting our original story on Friday Marion said it went crazy with people wanting to do anything they could to help out. “I have a donor from Australia, one from Tampa, and on and on,” Marion told us as she sifted through donor forms. The donations coming in now will help cover the deficit for Christmas deliveries since those turkeys were handed out Saturday morning. Over $2000.00 in Thanksgiving turkeys was lost Friday when the freezer at NCP failed and all of them spoiled.

A volunteer at The Nelson County Pantry hands out potatoes a part of the Thanksgiving deliveries for this holiday season.

Though the immediate crisis has been temporarily dodged, NCP still needs your help to make sure they have enough money on hand to buy all of the Christmas turkeys for the December deliveries. Head on over to NCP’s website by clicking here and donate what you can.

Way to go Nelson for stepping up to the table, and way to go folks from outside of Nelson, this is a truly special holiday season 🙂


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