Devils Backbone Getting Close On Outpost Brewery In Neighboring Rockbridge County

Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery near Lexington, Virginia
©2011 www.nelsoncountylife,com : All photos By NCL Valley Photographer Hayley Osborne : Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery in Rockbridge County is nearing completion with beer starting to roll out in mid January to distributors across central Virginia

Rockbridge County, Virginia

In just a few weeks Devils Backbone brews will begin moving into stores across the area. The Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery in neighboring Rockbridge County is nearing completion with beer expected to be in the hands of Central Virginia distributors by mid January. The opening to the general public will follow in February 2012.

This past Friday night the DB Outpost Brewery held a Sawdust Party with the crew and close friends in anticipation of the soon finished facility.

Devils Backbone broke ground on the Lexington operation back in April 2011. Since then they have been on a fast track to get the brewery up and running so they could begin producing beer for commercial distribution.

The original Devils Backbone Brewing Company opened back in November of 2008 and will celebrate their 3rd anniversary in just a few days.

Brian Coe, originally with DBBC in Nelson, serves up a DB brew this past Friday night at the Sawdust Party in Rockbridge County.
Steve Crandall (left) founder of Devils Backbone in both counties shows off some of the brewing equipment to brewery business partner Rod Ferguson.
Welders continue work on the tanks at the Devils Backbone Brewery Outpost in Rockbridge County, Virginia
Jason Oliver (left) head brewmaster with Devils Backbone (Nelson) chats with folks at this past Friday night's Sawdust Party in Rockbridge County, Virginia

The DB Outpost is joined by Blue Mountain in the commercial distribution arena. They broke ground on their commercial production facility here in Nelson County back in October. They will have beer available from that facility starting in early 2012.

When completed, the new DB Outpost Brewery in Rockbridge will brew about 10,000 barrels of beer in the first year of 2012.

That’s a lot!

We’ll keep you posted on their progress.


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