Board Of Supervisors : Minutes : 10.27.11


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Present: Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Mr. Allen Hale, Mr. Tommy Harvey and Ms. Connie Brennan

FY12-13 TRANSPORATION ENHANCEMENT PROJECT ENDORSEMENT/BLUE RIDGE TUNNEL PROJECT: Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution of support of the ongoing Blue Ridge Tunnel Project in order to qualify for funding from the VDOT Commonwealth Transportation Board.

NOVEMBER MEETING: Supervisors voted unanimously to change their November 8th meeting to November 10th to avoid a conflict with Election Day.

TJPDC BROWNSFIELD GRANT/LETTER OF SUPPORT: Ms. Brennan said that, while Nelson County may or may not have sites that would benefit from the Brownsfield program, other areas of the region might. She said that supporting the program would not hurt the county. Supervisors voted 1-4 (Mr. Hale, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Bruguiere and Mr. Johnson voting no) to adopt a letter of support. Mr. Hale and Mr. Johnson said that the Board had requested information on any sites identified in Nelson and that information had not been provided for consideration.

EXPANDED EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES COVERAGE: Ms. McCann reported that the current paid services are provided at 13 hours x 5 days per week for $374,092. She estimated added 11 hours x 5 days per week at $314,237.28 and 24 hours x 2 days per week at $276,828.08. Ms. McCann said that Mr. Sheets (WPOA) had presented a quick estimate to add one crew for nights and weekends at $182,000. Mr. Harvey and Mr. Bruguiere agreed to work with the volunteer agencies on a plan for additional coverage and present that plan to the Supervisors in approximately 90 days.

CLOSED SESSION/PERSONNEL MATTER – Following in a Closed Session, Supervisors adjourned the meeting.

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