Team Nelson Tough Mudder : Done! – Photos, Slide Show & Video!

©2011-2012 : Photo By Hayley Osborne : Jack Muhler of Nellysford running through the smoke and fire during the 2011 Tough Mudder held at Wintergreen Resort in October.
Photo By Hayley Osborne : ©2011 : Tough Mudder Team Nelson member Jack Muehler trudges through the Firewalker obstacle on his way to the finish line at Tough Mudder this past Saturday (October 22, 2011) at Wintergreen Resort.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

After 9 grueling miles and 27 unforgiving obstacles that started out on a 33° morning in the mountains at Wintergreen Resort, Team Nelson (TN) conquered! This past Saturday morning TN was in the first flight to hit the course at 8AM sharp. To say we are proud wouldn’t even touch describing it. The team consisted of the absolute most fit, to novices that had never competed in any endurance event. In the end, they helped each other and conquered!

NCL Publisher, Yvette Stafford, got the idea early in 2011 to form a team representing Nelson County. She immediately had 22 people signed up by the time Tough Mudder had sold out the Saturday event. NCL solicited sponsors who made it possible to outfit the team with their own branded t-shirts for the event. Others outside of Team Nelson wanted shirts too. We ordered more! The extra money from those shirts will go to Wintergreen Adaptive Sports. They are big supporters of Wounded Warriors which is what Tough Mudder National supports as well.

We want to thank the Team Nelson sponsors that helped make this happen, you are awesome for helping the team to victory!

Blue Mountain Brewery
Rice & Rice Dentistry
Nelson Physical Therapy & Wellness Center
Anytime Fitness of Lovingston
Mountain Area Realty

Thank these people. Do business with them. We can’t say enough about how great they have been!

We have lots of photos and video from Team Nelson’s trek across the course. So let’s get to it. Scroll down to see it all!

We have a ton of pictures from the course! NCL Photographers Paul Purpura and Hayley Osborne were all over the mountain Saturday grabbing photos. You can view them by clicking on our Facebook image album above. Enjoy!

Paul put together a fantastic slide show of Team Nelson and Tough Mudder. Click the player above to view.

But wait! There’s more! Yvette outfitted herself with a GoPro camera that straps to your chest and videoed the most intimidating obstacles along the way. Nelson 151 sponsored the video segments which are just totally awesome. Our little disclaimer warning, if you are easily offended by naughty language, you may want to pass. They aren’t terrible, but you might hear a bad word here and there. Understandable when jumping into ice water on a 33° morning! Wow!

To see all of the up close and personal videos Yvette shot while on the course at Tough Mudder, just click on the image above from our Nelson County Life Channel over at YouTube!

Thanks to everyone that participated, helped out, and just came to watch and support Team Nelson.

See you there next year!!



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