Preps For Tough Mudder Virginia Continue Here In Nelson

Photo Courtesy Of Heidi Crandall : ©2011 : VDOT signs are already going up along Route 151 near Route 664 in preparation for Tough Mudder at Wintergreen Resort this weekend. This one was on 151 heading north from Brents Gap.

Nelson County, Virginia

Just 2-3 days remain before Tough Mudder, VA gets underway on Saturday at Wintergreen Resort. Traffic signs started going up Tuesday in the vicinity of Route 664. That’s the state highway heading up to Wintergreen. Tough Mudder has leased pieces of property at the base of the mountain to accomodate the large numbers of cars that will be parked. Drivers and riders will be shuttled up the mountain in buses that have been rented. “Traffic coordinators have been on our site most of Tuesday getting things ready for parking this weekend,” said Jeff Stone, owner of Wintergreen Winery. Many cars will be parked in an open field in front of the winery in addition to other leased locations nearby.

This weekend anyone will be allowed on 664 as the event is ongoing, but only properly permitted vehicles will be allowed past the Wintergreen gatehouse. Wintergreen property owners, permitted guests, and properly permitted press vehicles will be allowed up. Certificated early participants in Tough Mudder will be allowed up through roughly mid-morning, then later all others will be required to park at the bottom and ride a shuttle bus.

Additional manpower from the Virginia State Police will be on hand in that part of Nelson to assist with the expected huge increase in traffic.

More details daily!


  1. Good morning
    We are putting on an event at Wintergreen this spring and are in need of some school buses to bus runners to the start of our race. Where did the Tough Mudder get there buses?
    Thank you


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