Getting Ready For Tough Mudder @ Wintergreen Resort, VA

Photos By Paul Purpura : ©2011 : Construction of the Funky Monkey is just one of the obstacles going up this week at Wintergreen Resort in preparation for Tough Mudder that will be held in Nelson County this coming weekend.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

Our NCL Mountain Photographer, Paul Purpura took a hike Sunday afternoon and found lots of preparation ongoing at Wintergreen Resort for the upcoming Tough Mudder this coming weekend. Several of the popular obstacles are going up for the event that will be held here in Nelson starting October 22nd at 8AM. Team Nelson was lucky enough to get that 8AM start time on the course!

Chernobyl is another of the many obstacles people have encountered on other TM courses across the country. Looks like there's one at Wintergreen going up too!

Tough Mudder is a major deal for Nelson. The participant numbers are roughly at 14,000. Yes, you heard us right. 14,000. That’s participants, not including family, friends, spectators, etc.

Tommy is dedicating his audio weathercast to Tough Mudder preps over the next 5 days and through the weekend of the event. If you are an out of towner, listen for info on the event. If you are a local and want to avoid the event, listen for info on how to , well … avoid the event.

Much more coming throughout the week!


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