Board Of Supervisors : Minutes : 10.11.11


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Present: Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Mr. Allen Hale, Mr. Tommy Harvey and Ms. Connie Brennan

PUBLIC COMMENT: MS. ROSE MUHLER, President, Rockfish Valley Senior Group, said that the problem with RVSG is two individuals with personal issues. She said that RVSG is doing well and thanked the Supervisors for their support.

MR. PETER PERDUE, Afton, said that he has been involved with seniors for years and would let his reputation speak for itself. He said that public funds are involved and the accounting should be transparent. Mr. Perdue said that the county’s inaction is an action and suggested that they reconsider their inaction. He also asked that they consider their position on who can attend activities at public facilities.

REGIONAL BROWNFIELDS ASSESSMENT GRANT APPLICATION: Mr. Steve Williams (Executive Director, Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission – TJPDC) and Ms. Erin Yancey (Environmental Planner, TJPDC) reported that TJPDC plans to apply for a grant from the EPA for a regional brownfields assessment project and asked for the county’s support for the application. Ms. Yancey explained that a brownfield is a property affected by real or potential environmental contamination, usually at a low level that does not pose a health threat to the occupants or community but can cloud a property title and cause un- or under-utilization of the property. Mr. Williams said that the first phase would work with a county committee to identify possible brownfields, as well as adding those identified by banks, DEQ, insurance companies. He said that following the identification phase, sites would be chosen for development of a remediation plan.

Mr. Bruguiere said that he would prefer to review the list of sites before the public were involved. Mr. Hale said that he would like to see a list of the potential sites already identified by county staff. Supervisors voted unanimously to table consideration for additional information and further review.

VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: Dr. L. Peake, Director, presented a review of what the local health department does and how it differs from the programs offered by Blue Ridge Medical Center. She noted that the two organizations often work together to maximize programs.

NELSON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT RELOCATION: Mr. Carter reported that county staff and local Health Department staff have visited the Blue Ridge Medical Center site to tour the unused space. He noted that BRMC’s board has agreed to consider the move to the approximately 4,300 sq ft space. Mr. Carter reported that neither the local Health Department nor Blue Ridge Medical Center have the resources to finish the space for Health Department use however. After discussion, Supervisors voted to direct staff to proceed with obtaining at least two cost estimates from architects and a study of relocating the local Health Department to the Blue Ridge Medical Center facility.

SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE, INDIVIDUAL SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Mr. Boger presented a list of how multiple counties handle divisions, noting that some require perk tests on all parcels and some exempt lots over a certain size (usually 10, 20, 40 acres). Supervisors tabled discussion until their next meeting to review the materials, including options if the Board decides to amend the requirements.

DRAFT PURCHASING POLICY: Supervisors reviewed changes to the 1996 purchasing policy and tabled action to allow time for review of the draft and proposed changes.

COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT: Mr. Carter reported on the following –

– Courthouse Project: The E-911 Dispatch Center is scheduled to move into the new addition on October 12th with the Sheriff’s Department moving on October 14th. The General District and J&DR courts are tentatively scheduled to move October 28th. Work is scheduled to continue for the next 6-8 weeks on the renovation of the Jefferson Building and the second floor bridge between the 1940s and 1960s additions.

– Broadband Project: Construction of the fiber optic backbone is set to begin within the next two weeks with a four-month construction period projected. Permitting of the two Rt. 151 towers is in process and a location for the Massies Mill tower has been identified and pending final site confirmation negotiation with the property owner. A decision is pending on the contracting with a company to operate the network.

– Gladstone Rescue Squad: The Court-appointed Receiver has retained the general contractor employed by the former GRS and work is in process. The licensing of the Gladstone Volunteer Fire Department to become an EMS agency is pending final issuance by VA-OEMS.

– Nelson County Public Schools: The window replacement/repair projects at Tye River Elementary School and Rockfish River Elementary School are on track to be completed by mid-October.

BOARD DIRECTIVES: Supervisors directed staff to have the county attorney prepare a draft contract to sell The Heritage Center to the Millenium Group.

APPOINTMENTS: Supervisors voted unanimously to appoint Ms. Patricia Hughes to the Region Ten Community Services Board.

Meeting adjourned.

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