Backroads Founder, Lynn Coffey, Publishes Third & Final Book

Photo By Victoria Mininger : ©2011 : Backroads Newspaper founder and author, Lynn Coffey shows off her third and final book inspired by her 25 year run of Backroads Newspaper this past Sunday at the Nelson Center in Lovingston.

Nelson County, Virginia

25 years. A quarter century. That’s how long Lynn Coffey of Love, Virginia cranked out her Backroads Newspaper, every month.

Lynn writes every month here in the printed edition of Nelson County Life Magazine. She brings the true stories of the mountains to our readers each month. Click on the image above to read her column in the October issue.

This past Sunday Lynn appeared at the Nelson County Historical Society’s monthly meeting to hand over the last remaining issues of her 25 year run of Backroad Newspaper. Lynn publisher her last issue in December 2006. The historical society wanted to preserve all of the stories Lynn wrote on the unique people of Nelson County, with an emphasis on the those living in the mountains.

Photo Courtesy of Nelson Historical Society : Lynn (center) presents the final issues of a 25 year run of Backroads Newspaper to Becky Howard (left) and Jean Brent (right) with the Nelson Historical Society this past Sunday afternoon October 9, 2011 in Lovingston.
Lynn's third and final book is titled Faces of Appalachia. NCL was honored to be the endorsement on the front cover for her 3rd book following Earl Hamner in the previous two.

Lynn’s new book is available in numerous bookstores, restaurants, and gift places across Central Virginia.

Lynn lives up in mountains of West Nelson County and doesn’t do email. But she welcomes a phone call if you want a book. Her number is: 540-949-0329

Congrats Lynn on a very successful run of three books. They make a perfect Christmas gift!


  1. I would like to buy the 2nd and 3rd Backroads books. We all (about 5 of us)have read and enjoyed the first one.


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