Irene Takes Aim At U.S. – Virginia To Feel Some Effects

Via NHC: Hurricane Irene continues to churn out in the Atlantic with a path toward the mainland United States later this week. Virginia will likely see the effects of Irene by the weekend.

Nelson County, Virginia
Hurricane Irene is still days from having any effect on Virginians, but that may not be the case by the weekend. As of Monday morning Irene left about 800,000 people in Puerto Rico without power. Once she clears any land masses around the Bahamas and gets into the open water between there and the mainland U.S., significant strengthening is expected. As of Monday around noon, it appears the impact to Southern Florida will not be as great as that of other parts of the US such as the Carolinas.

The current position and anticipated track of Irene via the National Hurricane Center.
By late in the coming weekend, Virginians may well be feeling the effects of Irene. Heavy rains are likely on the current path. This situation should be monitored closely for changes in the track and strength.

Right now local weather offices are only making a mention of Irene affecting Virginia, maybe on Sunday.


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