Hopping At Blue Mountain’s 2nd Annual Hop Harvest

Photos By BMB: People were busy Thursday afternoon separating the hops at Blue Mountan Brewery's 2nd Annual Hop Harvest!

Nelson County, Virginia

For the 2nd year in a row people packed the deck at Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton to help separate the hops from the 2011 harvest! Not to worry, if you volunteered for just 2 hours, lunch was on the house!

Just one of the many loads of hops harvested this past Thursday at Blue Mountain Brewery.

Back in April of this year they were stringing up the hops getting ready for the harvest that came on Thursday!

Taylor Smack owner and head brewmaster at Blue Mountain in August 2010 during their 1st annual hop harvest on the grounds at the brewery.

Do they use the hops harvest in their own beer, uh yeah!!

Read more here about last year’s 1st event and what they do with the hops harvested.

Can’t wait for this new batch! Yummo!



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