Amherst County Officers Involved In Nelson County Shooting

Click on the image above to read more from CBS-19's (Charlottesville) story.
Via : General area where shooting took place overnight Monday into Tuesday morning.

Near Lovingston
Nelson County, Virginia

Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks tells NCL that his department was not involved in an overnight shooting here in the county that left a man wounded from a gunshot to the abdomen. “Amherst authorities contacted out department around midnight to let us know they were tailing a suspect into our county. We asked if they needed assistance and they said no. Later we received a call that gunfire had been exchanged on Davis Creek Road and they needed our help.”

Click on the image above to read more from CBS-19's (Charlottesville) story.

Apparently shots were exchanged and the suspect / victim was hit in the abdomen. Sheriff Brooks says the victim was airlifted to UVA Medical Center. The sheriff continued by saying he believes the person shot was from Madison Heights.

The Virginia State Police are handling the investigation.


  1. seems the swat team, 10 state police and a heli were doing some business up in davis creek yesterday (7/20/11) at around 4:45. I wonder if it had anything to do with above?

  2. Our understanding is this “may” have had something to do with the shooting incident the other night, but not totally sure. The state police never notified the local sheriff that they were here and only after our and a television station’s inquiries to the sheriff did they respond to the sheriff. Nelson Sheriff Brooks told us VSP – told him – they were doing a followup tactical investigation in conjunction with what happened with Amherst officers the other night.

    VSP was “cryptic” to use the words of one of our TV news colleagues when they asked about the whereabouts of the second person at large involved in the shooting the other night.


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