Wintergreen Performing Arts Opening Night Of 2011

Photos By Paul Purpura NCL Mountain Photographer : ©2011 : Larry Alan Smith, WPA’s Artistic and Executive Director (right) thanks guest saxophonist Gaetano Di Bacco at the opening night reception and kick off of events for the 2011 season.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

The 2011 Wintergreen Performing Arts Summer Music Festival is underway! It officially started on July 6th, but the opening reception and Events Fair Kick-Off started this past Friday night. The evening also included Classics I Concert featuring Wintergreen Festival Orchestra with Larry Alan Smith, guest conductor and Gaetano Di Bacco, saxophone.

The opening night of the WSMF stated off with a champagne reception and dinner.

The theme of this year’s WSMF is Realms of Gold- A Mediterranean Odyssey.

Cynthia and Steven Saboe of Washington DC pause for a picture with John & Nanci Taylor of Wintergreen at Friday's opening night.
The Friday night concert opened with the playing of the national anthems from the US and Italy
Larry Alan Smith, Artistic and Executive Director for WPA chats it up during the opening reception this past Friday night at Wintergreen Resort.
Gaetano Di Bacco plays the saxophone at WPA's opening night performance this past Friday night at Wintergreen Resort.
Before the evening's performance, the night began with great food and prizes to help kick off the 2011 season.
The 2011 WSMF runs from July 6th until August 7th.

For a list of orchestra performances at this year’s WSMF click here.

Visit Wintergreen Performing Arts on Facebook, here.


  1. I am interested in attending one of the performances this season. Please let me know when the “accordionist” (whose name I can’t remember) will be performing.

    Thank you
    Doris Van Vleet


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