Board Of Supervisors : Minutes : 7.5.11 (Special Meeting)


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Present: Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Ms. Connie Brennan, Mr. Allen Hale and Mr. Tommy Harvey

GLADSTONE RESCUE SQUAD: Mr. Carter reported that the Rescue Squad had presented some of the documents requested by the deadline but had refused to provide all of the financial records required. He said that the Rescue Squad had provided information on the expenses covered by county funds but had not provided bank statements or revenue information.

Mr. Johnson said that the information requested has not been provided. Mr. Hale, noting that Gladstone Rescue Squad has retained legal counsel, asked whether the Board should consult with their counsel before acting. Mr. Payne, County Attorney, said that it makes no difference. Mr. Bruguiere asked if it were possible to leave the organization in place, remove the existing board and replace the board with new members. Mr. Harvey said that the Gladstone Fire Department would be best suited to manage the rescue squad. He noted that there are already Roseland members at Gladstone and suggested that those volunteers who would like to run calls could join Roseland until the new Rescue Squad is established. Mr. Hale asked whether the Board could just ask the Rescue Squad’s Board to resign. Mr. Johnson said that that has been done and this issue has been in process for months with no cooperation.

Mr. Harvey asked Mr. Payne how soon he could go to court to file the petition. Mr. Payne said that he should be able to get the process completed by Thursday. Mr. Harvey clarified that the Squad board could not miss-spend the funds. Mr. Payne agreed, saying that funds could be spent to pay creditors and for the orderly close of business.

Supervisors voted unanimously:

1. to terminate all funding provided to Gladstone Rescue Squad, Inc. effective July 5, 2011;
2. that Gladstone Rescue Squad, Inc. immediately return to the County all County-owned equipment;
3. that Gladstone Rescue Squad, Inc. is dissolved effective immediately pursuant to Virginia Code Section 27-10; and
4. that the County Attorney petition for judicial oversight of the distribution of Squad assets and the appointment of a receiver for such purpose.

Meeting adjourned.

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