Sundae Drive – More Pics From Our July 2011 Issue Page 20

Megan Thompson dispenses ice cream at the Collen Drive In.
Photos By Hayley Osborne ©2011 : Megan Thompson dispenses ice cream at the Colleen Drive In.

Nelson County, Virginia

Sometimes you just have to take the tough assignments. That’s exactly what NCL Photographer Hayley Osborne and Writer Marcie Gates recently had to do when they covered our July story on the historic Collen Drive In – in South Nelson County.

Marcie Gates and Hayley Osborne’s July 2011 story on the Colleen Drive In. Click on magazine image above to read more.

What's known to many locals as the Colleen Dairy Isle opened way back in 1964.
Evelyn Beverley serves up some yummy food at the Colleen Drive In - in South Nelson County, VA
The Colleen Drive-in is the only one of these ‘Ice-cream Islands’ in the state of Virginia.
This classic Drive-in has always been part of the dating scene for locals who come to enjoy the kick-back to the ‘50’s lifestyle, back when time didn’t move as fast.

Be sure to read all about the Colleen Drive In – in the current July 2011 issue, page 20!


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