ALERT : Phone Scam In The Works : May Be Using Various Nelson Business Names


Nelson County, Virginia

Update 5.28.11 – 10:30 AM EDT

NCL has been able to verify that the calls being placed are by someone identify themselves as the The Nelson Guide and they are trying to get people to by magnets of some sort. Via a mutual client of The Nelson Guidebook and NCL , we were told about the information Saturday morning. NCL and the legitimate Nelson County Guidebook are not related, but they are nice folks and very legitimate. The people posing as them are not.

So obviously is someone calls with posing as The Nelson Guide and is trying to sell you magnets, and obtain any personal financial info, don’t fall for it!

Original Post from 5.27.11 @ 11:41 AM EDT
It’s come to our attention here at NCL that phone scammers are at it again in Nelson County. This time they may be calling in the name of Nelson County Life Magazine, or other Nelson County organizations or businesses. The say they are soliciting ad money. If you receive such a call it IS NOT us. We know for sure such calls have been made in the past 24 hours using names such as Nelson County Guidebook, which is a legitimate publication like ours, though there is no business connection between the two.

The caller may be using a variety of legitimate business names with Nelson County in the title. This is very similar to scams in the past that have used police or sheriff organizations to trick people into donating or revealing sensitive bank information. Don’t fall for it. If it sounds suspicious, it is. One person we talked to this morning reports the call, obviously, came from a telephone number that was blocked or unavailable on caller ID.

Local banks reports having such inquires as well. Nelson County Life NEVER makes unsolicited telephone calls requesting ad money. If you are an established customer, you know how we operate, and new clients would never receive such a call.

We highly encourage you to report any such phone calls to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department at (434) 263-7050 and your local bank, if you did reveal any account information.


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