Convicted. No Actual Jail Time In Nelson Animal Cruelty Court Decision

Photo via Nelson County Sheriff's Dept : Robin Pfeifer was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with animal cruelty. Her husband Bruce Pfeifer has not been located as of Wednesday evening.
Photo via Nelson County Sheriff's Dept : Robin Pfeifer was convicted in a Nelson County Court Wednesday, but her jail time was suspended.

Nelson County, Virginia

We first told you (here) and here about a troubling animal cruelty case back on March 14th of 2011. Wednesday, Robin Pfeifer who was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty, made her court appearance in Nelson County. ” She was found guilty on all charges. She was also ordered to pay the county $3600.00, and she can’t own another companion animal,” Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks told NCL shortly after the decision was handed down. Pfeifer was also sentenced to one year in jail, with that sentence suspended by the court.

The Nelson County Office of Animal Control and The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office jointly worked on the case.

Robin Pfeifer’s husband, Bruce Pfeifer, was charged with the same crimes but is still on the run from lawmen as of April 27th.


  1. I will never understand why in the world folks are not made to serve their time for crimes like this? A year is far too short for the deeds done by the Pfeifer’s, let alone to have this sentence waived by the courts. Ed Funke, Mountainside Petting Farm


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