Drop Location To Help Family Flooded Out At Route 250 & 151

The family living in this house at 250 & 151 makes it up the hill to safety after the torrential rains.
Photo By Tommy Stafford : ©2011 www.nelsoncountylife.com : On Saturday (4.16.11) the family living in this home at Route 250 & 151 was completed flood out. They need all sorts of items to help get back on their feet.

Nelson/Albemarle County, VA

Last weekend we showed you how the torrential floods from severe storms forced a family from their home at the intersection of Route 151 & 250. Within minutes water rushing down from Afton Mountain surrounded the house with water going at least 1/3rd of the way up to the roof line.

Water surrounds the Pace Family home this past Saturday (4.16.11) at the intersection of Route 250 & 151.

After word spread on our Facebook page of the family losing much of what was in their home people began began organizing a way to collect items need for the family. Here’s how you can help:

Drop donations at: Afton Service Center – 10921 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Afton, VA. Tel: 540-456-6379 That’s the BP station across from the Rockfish Valley Volunteer Fire Department marked Pace Family Donations.

-Baby wears 9 to 12 month clothes. Diapers are needed. Beds are needed.

-Girl wears 4 to 5 size in t shirts, 3 or 5s in jeans,

-Man wearing 32-32 jeans. Shoes are needed.

Leave the donations at Afton Service Center. When you drop off donations just tell them you are dropping off for the Pace Family. They will put everything in storage for pickup and delivery to the family.

We’re dropping off some diapers today!

Let’s all help these folks out!


  1. Men’s shoes size 9 & 1/2, those are women’s sizes 3-5 (junior) and their shoes are 8&1/2. No toddlers, just a 6 month old boy who wears size 6-9 month clothes and size 4 diapers. The family is the baby, his mom and dad (young!), and the mom’s mom.
    Thanks for story Tommy! Situation looks overwhelming but they are all safe and staying with grandparents in Crozet area and I hear from the teenage facebooking cousin “I am so glad to know how sweet strangers can be, it gives us such a warm feeling”. To me they are not really strangers because I go past that house all the TIME.


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