An April 1st Snow At Wintergreen Resort

Photo By Curtis Sheets : Snow covers the ground at Wintergreen Resort on this 1st Day of April 2011.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

No fooling folks! People up at Wintergreen woke up a blanket of snow this April 1, 2011. Curtis Sheets, Wintergreen Fire & Rescue Chief, grabbed the top shot in this post from the Founders Vision Overlook just above Wintergreen Resort.

Photo By Kim Smith : The ground (and the bear) are covered at Black Bear Cafe and Wintergreen Real Estate Company's mountain office on Devils Knob.
Photo By Kim Smith : The roads up at Wintergreen are clear, but as you can see in this shot, all of the ground to each side is covered.
Photo By Curtis Sheets : The sunrises over a snow covered ground at Wintergreen Resort on April 1, 2011.

Not to worry, warmer days are waiting in the wings. We’re talking lower 70’s by Monday!


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