Planning Commission : Minutes : 3.17.11



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Present: Ms. Philippa Proulx, Mr. Mike Tapager, Ms. Linda Russell and Ms. Connie Brennan (Board Liaison)

Absent: Ms. Emily Hunt and Mr. Mike Harman

Commissions began their session by reviewing the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s quotes for assisting with various parts of the Comp Plan update. After discussion, they agreed to request $12,000 in FY10-11 funds to contract TJPDC to do the following:

Product 1: Collect and Process Data – Current data from 2010 Census and the 2005-2009 American Community Survey and other sources. $1,950

Present the Data – Data presented in polished form to replace Appendix 1 “Profile of Nelson County”. To include tables, charts and maps. $1,675

Total Data Updates $3,625

Product 2: Map Updates – to include updated maps as follows:

Historic Districts Map

Recreation Map (including new trails, Crozet Tunnel)

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Map

Agriculture and Forestal District Map

Steep Slopes Map

Magisterial Districts Map

Additional maps as requested by the Planning Commission


Product 3: Recreation Section Update – to include updating recreational goals and creating specific and workable strategies for achieving the goals. $1,860

Commissioners then began reviewing the TJPDC draft Transportation section update, prepared as a part of a grant TJPDC received.

Commissioners reviewed the agenda for their March 23rd meeting, noting a public hearing item, review of the small wind ordinance, review of the draft communication tower ordinance and several other items of other business. They agreed to continue the review of the Transportation section on that evening if time permits or to set a date for another work session.

Meeting adjourned.

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