Bryant : Geese Know Spring Is On The Way!

Photos By Sarah Loken : ©2011 : Sarah Loken of Roseland calls this the Unintended Intruder as a Canada Goose lands on Tinker's Pond in Bryant.

Bryant / Roseland
Nelson County, Virginia

Sarah Loken of Bryant (that’s Roseland) stopped me the other day in Basic Necessities to let me know she got some fantastic shots of Canada Geese on her family pond. Her husband Hal just happened to have a shot stored on his new Iphone. They showed me a few and they were right. Incredible shots of geese on the pond. This apparently was a date for just two geese, but an intruder had something else in mind. It’s almost spring you know.

The Attack on Tinker's Pond in Bryant.
The chase!
Stop waving, you're mine!

Thanks for the great shots Sarah!



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