Gruesome Animal Discovery In Nelson Just North Of Nellysford

Map via : General Area Of Search Warrant @5282 Rockfish Valley Highway
Map via : General Area Of Search Warrant @5282 Rockfish Valley Highway Click on map for interactive view.

Near Martins Store
Nelson County, Virginia

Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks, tells NCL his office in conjunction with Nelson County Animal Control executed a search warrant Monday at the address of 5282 Rockfish Valley Highway. The address is just south of the Route 6 and 151 intersection at Martins Store. “The owner went to relinquish some animals to the humane society. The humane society got animal control involved and eventually went to the address and found vey poor animal conditions,” Sheriff Brooks said.

Sheriff Brooks continued by telling NCL that a search warrant of the premises was granted after information from Nelson County Animal Control was presented. The Nelson County Sheriff’s Department executed the warrant and found even more troubling conditions. “We found several more dogs in bad condition. The area was just filthy. We found dead animals and other K-9 bones at the location. It appears the home is abandoned or not lived in, Sheriff Brooks added. The dogs that were found alive at the scene were taken to Lovingston Veterinary Hospital for care according to Sheriff Brooks.

It is highly likely that charges will be filed in the near future Sheriff Brooks tells NCL.

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More as we know it.


  1. Self-absorption and callous disinterest expound with every generation. The innocent always suffer for it. Pray and love then love and pray.


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