Windy Day Up At Wintergreen

©2011 : Photos By Paul Purpura : WPOA crews work to clear the entrance to White Oak Condos up at Wintergreen after high winds blew this tree down across the entrance Friday morning, 2.25.11.

Nelson County, Virginia

Winds gusting as high as 70+ miles per hour during the early morning hours Friday had WPOA crews out doing a little early morning chainsawing. Our NCL Mountain Photographer, Paul Purpura awoke to the sound of the buzzing saws and grabbed these shots of them clearing the entrance to White Oak Condos on the mountain.

WPOA crews haul away part of the trunk in a front end loader.
Into the truck it goes.
That is a good sized tree ... or was!

Gusty winds will continue for much of the day Friday. A High Wind Warning is effect until early evening.


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